Aries Great Dane

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  • Aries Great Dane
    • Eye: Zodiac Aries
    • Collar:Zodiac Aries

The next big surprise from Amaretto arrived in March 2017! Beginning March 1st the Zodiac Coats were introduced to the Amaretto Community. Each month you will have a chance at getting a Zodiac by breeding together 2 K-9s that have the coat and trait announced.

For the month of April if you breed any K-9 with the Aries Diamond eye with any color Great Dane you will get a Aries Great Dane!

The Aries Great Dane DOES NOT have the ability to pass.

The Zodiac Aries Eye DOES have the ability to pass.

The Zodiac Aries Collar DOES have the ability to pass.

<gallery widths=200px heights=200px perrow=4 caption="Aries Great Dane"> File:Aries_Great_Dane3.jpg|Aries Great Dane File:Aries_Great_Dane1.jpg|Aries Great Dane File:Zodiac_AriesCollar.jpg|Zodiac Aries Collar File:Zodiac_Aries.jpg|Zodiac Aries Eye