List of K-9 Traits

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Amaretto Ranch Breedables added K-9s to the Ranch in August 2011. Below you will find links to pictures and descriptions of these wonderful breedable K-9s!

K-9 Coats

  • Starter K-9 Coats
  • Non-Starter (Hidden) K-9 Coats
  • Enchanted K-9s
  • Special Edition K-9s
  • Mutt K-9s
  • Blanco K-9s
  • Paradise Puppy

K-9 Eyes

  • Starter Eyes
  • Non-Starter Eyes
  • Enchanted Eyes
  • Special Edition Eyes
  • Paradise Puppy Eyes

K-9 Collars

  • Starter Collars
  • Non-Starter Collars
  • Enchanted Collars
  • Special Edition Collars

Other K-9 Traits