Navigating the K-9 Menus

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Main Menu

Main Menu
  • Consumables
  • Send API
  • HUD
  • Stats
  • Update
  • Go Home
  • Wake Up
  • Help
  • Amaretto Website
  • Settings
  • Breeding
  • Feed


Consumables Menu
  • Preg. 1% Boost
  • Preg. 5% Boost
  • Main Menu
  • Rawhide Lollipop
  • Puppy Love Pill
  • Mega Woof Vitamins
  • Vaccination
  • K-9 Treat
  • Zing (K-9 Cola)

[Please refer to the Food & Consumables section of the manual for what each individual consumable is used for]

Send API

[We established this button for 3rd party products. It sends the API to their 3rd party products over a certain channel.]


[This button will connect the K-9 to your HUD.]


[Clicking this button provides the K-9 stats in Local Chat]


[This button is for use with the Amaretto Updater. When an update is issued, you will rez the updater next to the K-9, click the K-9, click the update button and the K-9 will update to the correct version.]

Go Home

[Sends the K-9 to its home position]

Wake Up

[This button is used to wake up the K-9. Your K-9 must be at 25% energy in order to wake up.]


Help main
  • K9 Help [Clicking this button will send you a notecard of the Amaretto Ranch Breedable K-9 User Manual.]
  • Get HUD [Clicking this button will send a copy of the HUD to your objects folder.]

Amaretto Website

[Puts URL for the Amaretto Ranch Website in Local Private Message ]


Settings main Menu
Collar Menu
Puppy Paradise Menu
Text Menu
Movement Menu
Animations Menu
Sound Menu
  • Send API
  • Collar [On,Off]
  • Puppy Paradise
  • Rename
  • More Stats [Displays the following information]
    • Not paired
    • Mating: Owner
    • Food type: Breedable food
    • Home <52.49036, 217.18810, 21.40429>
    • Range 5
    • Text On
    • Movement Locked
    • Animations On
    • Sounds On
  • Main Menu
  • Set Home
  • Set Range
  • Text [On,Off]
  • Movement [Normal,Phantom,Off]
  • Animations [On,Off]
  • Sound [On,Off]


Breeding Menu
  • Last Bred To
  • Last Kennel
  • Main Menu
  • Pairing/Break Pairing
  • Mating [Owner, Group, Anyone]
  • Parents [Displays in local chat the parents names and their stats]


Feed Menu
  • Pet
  • Breedable
  • Main Menu